He 30 Plate supplier stockist

Pearl Overseas is a leading He 30 Plate supplier, He 30 Plate manufacturer and He 30 Plate exporter. We also offers Aluminum HE30 PIPES,HE30 RODS, HE30 PLATES. Heat Exchanger with 30 Plates and 3/4 Inch NPT Connection - LA14-30. Heat Exchangers 30 exchange heat starting with one fluid medium then onto the next with no intermixing of the two liquids. Heat Exchanger requires the liquid to be pumped into both sides of it on the double.

Since Open Loop Heating frameworks are not allowed in numerous areas - and truly not a smart thought anyplace - a brazed level plate heat exchanger permits you to run a shut circle warming framework

He 30 Plate supplier stockist
  • Plates : 30 Plates
  • Plate dimensions : 3 Inches x 7.5 Inches
  • Connection : 3/4 NPT inch
  • Max Working Pressure : 481 Psi
  • Max Working Temperature : 445 Degree F
  • Weight :5 pounds