Copper Round Bar manufacturer and exporter

Pearl Overseas is a leading Copper Round Bars Manufacturer, Copper Round Bars Exporter and Copper Round Bars Suppliers. Copper Round Bars discover utilization in electrical applications and are produced in order to meet the requests of global benchmarks which incorporates accompanying copper substance of 99.99%. The predominant completion of copper additionally makes it impeccable to be utilized for hot and also frosty framing applications and in addition for applications requiring broad machining.

Pearl overseas offer copper alloy round bar with ASTM Copper Round Bars B-187, ASTM Copper Round Bars B-133, Copper alloy 102 Round Bars, Copper alloy 110 Round Bars and Copper alloy 122 Round Bars. We offers Copper round rods are available in hard, half-hard as well as in soft conditions in Extruded, Forged, Hot Rolled, as well as Cold worked options, in different dimensions.

Copper Round Bar manufacturer and exporter
General Properties of Copper Round Bar:
  • Size -12' Standard Lengths
  • Thickness - 4 mm to 150mm
  • Weight - Weight per feet in kg
  • Standard & Material -ASTM B-187, ASTM B-133; Available in 102, 110 and 122 Alloys

Application Areas of Copper Round Bar:
  • Bus Bars
  • Transformer Connectors
  • Earthing Protection in L.T. and H.T. Electrical Panels
  • Power Transmission equipment