Copper Bus Bar Manufacturer and exporter

Pearl Overseas is a leading Copper Bus Bars manufacturer, Copper Bus Bars exporter & Copper Bus Bars suppliers. Our range of products includes Copper bus bar (heavy type), Copper flexible bus bar - type I, Copper strips, Copper rods & Copper pipes, copper wire, Copper bus bars & Copper flats, Copper flexible connectors, Copper bus bar assemblies, Copper flat copper wire, Copper winding strips & wires of copper, forged copper clamp and flexible bus bar - type II. Copper Bus Bars are offered in manufactured/hot moved and also cold worked conditions in required dimensional completion. These copper transport bars are accessible in Hard, Half-Hard and also in Soft conditions and are ideal for use in electrical applications. The vicinity of electro-plated tin plating likewise helps in enhancing jointing surface viability and also in decreasing electrical resistance of joints.

Copper Bus bars Manufacturer and Exporter
General Properties of Copper Bus Bars:
  • Size - Width: 5mm to 350mm
  • Thickness - Thickness: 1mm to 60mm
  • Edge - Square Edge, Radius Edge, Full Radius Edge Length: Up to 6400mm (21`)
  • Standard overall cutting tolerance- 100mm
  • Weight - Weight per feet in kg
  • Standard & Material - JIS, BS EN, DIN, ASTM, AS/NZS and TIS
  • Presence of copper content - 99.99%
Application Areas of Copper Bus Bars:
  • Bus Bars
  • Transformer Connectors
  • Earthing Protection in L.T. and H.T. Electrical Panels
  • Power Transmission equipment