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Pearl Overseas is a leading manufacture of BiMetal Sheets, exporter of BiMetal Sheets & suppliers of BiMetal Sheets. BiMetal Sheets also known as Clad metal sheets. we also supplies BiMetal Pipes and BiMetal Plates for usage and application in different industries. These BiMetal Sheet, BiMetal pipes and BiMetal tubes are rigidly designed by using the graded stainless steel and advanced tools. This range of pipes & tubes can be accessed in various designs, lengths, diameters and finishes. Our product lines are widely acknowledged for their salient attributes like high tolerance, durable stability, rust resistance, fine finish and long working life. These products are ideal for various projects in industries such as aero-space, food & dairy, paper industry, chemical and power plants.

Pearl Overseas also offers various Bi meatl products such as Bimetal washer, Bimetal strips,clad metal.Bimetal Consists of Copper(Sheet metal) cladded on pure Aluminum(Base metal), both metal being diffused together to form an inseparable whole by rolling bonding process. Bimetal , is therefore not and alloy and copper layers are not electro Plating but are rather mechanically welded Aluminum Sheets.

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Features of BiMetal Sheets or clad metal sheets:
  • Robust design
  • Flawless finish
  • Sturdiness